Dream Toys 36mm Kegel Balls: Effective Perineal Reinforcement

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Dream Toys 36mm Kegel Balls are ideal for perineal strengthening. Coated in silicone, they stimulate and strengthen the pelvic floor with an iron ball that flows freely inside.

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Dream Toys 36mm Kegel balls for perineal strengthening
Dream Toys 36mm Kegel Balls: Effective Perineal Reinforcement 22.90 CHF Original price was: 22.90 CHF.19.95 CHFCurrent price is: 19.95 CHF.
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Dream Toys 36mm Kegel Balls: Effective Perineal Reinforcement :

These 36mm Dream Toys Kegel Balls are specially designed for perineal strengthening. They are coated in full silicone for a soft, comfortable feel. Inside, an iron ball flows freely, stimulating and strengthening the pelvic floor with every movement of the body.

They weigh 90 grams per set, which is ideal for an effective pelvic muscle workout. These duo balls are encased in a seamless silicone coating for safe, hygienic use. When inserting these Kegel Balls into the vagina, make sure to leave at least 2 cm of string on the outside for easy removal.

These balls are ideal for women looking to strengthen their pelvic floor. They provide a natural erotic massage in the vagina thanks to the rolling weights inside. You'll feel a constant, gentle flow that stimulates the pelvic muscles with every movement. Try Dream Toys 36mm Kegel Balls today and feel the difference!

Features :

  • Size: 36mm
  • Diameter: 36mm
  • Material: Silicone
  • Colour: Mauve
  • Brand: Dream Toys
  • EAN: 8719325086638
  • Weight: 90 grams per set

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